Haitian Relationships - Why do people change after they get married?

I participated in a radio program over the weekend and the topic was: Why do people change after they get married? I made three (3) points on the air that I wanted to share with you...

PHOTO - Getting Married - Wedding in Haiti
PHOTO - Getting Married - Wedding in Haiti

Why is it that two people who are in love with each other suddenly find themselves in a bad relationship right after they get married?

I am no marriage expert but, here are 3 reasons, I think, Haitian relationships fade after marriage:

Today I will share with you Reason #1...

Reason ONE: The person are married to is NOT your best friend.

If you cannot spend a few minutes during the day to tell your significant other the stupidest joke or to listen to his or hers, then the person you married is not your best friend.

If you cannot wait to get home to tell your wife something funny that happened at work today, then you are not married to your best friend.

You might love each other but it is friendship that will get you through a 24 hour day, not love.

I know many Haitians who have been married many years and all they do is complain to each other and criticize each other. they have nothing else to discuss... He likes to talk about Borlette, she likes to talk about God.

There has to be something to talk about, something in common. If you don't know what to talk about, then talk about something he or she likes.

My wife owns a beauty salon. She talks to me about hair stuff all the time, I help her do research about natural hair treatments. She love it and I don't mind.

We also talk about all the stupid things that happened during the day before we fall asleep at night. She really is my best friend.

What do you think about that?

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Stay tuned for reason #3, coming soon!

If there is a reason you can think of why people change after marriage, please share!

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Sonny says...

Also, financial issue, having children, complacency and lack of positive communication to each

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Concern says...

Well hurry with number two. I just got married to a Haitian before the marriage he was so loving now he has change.

Just what you said if you are not friends in a marriage it would need work. That is so

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