Haitian Priest In Boston Accused Of Adult Sexual Misconduct

Rev. Gabriel Michel, a Haitian priest in the St. Angela Merici Parish in Mattapan has been removed from service in the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston following allegations of "adult sexual misconduct," the archdiocese said yesterday.

No specific information has been released about the allegations against the Haitian priest.

Rev. Gabriel Michel is from the Archdiocese of Cap-Haitien in Haiti, he has worked in Boston since 2002, most recently as the assistant pastor at St. Angela Merici Parish in Mattapan.

He is the one who conducts Haitian mass in that church in Mattapan.

Rev. Gabriel Michel is also a part-time chaplain at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The Archbishop of Cap-Haitien has been notified, it is unclear whether or not he will be placed under administrative leave.

The catholic church has been having a lot of sexual scandals, now it has reached the Haitian community as well.

Do you know anything about Rev. Gabriel Michel?

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A Long Way From Georgia says...

What did Father Guyma Noel do?

Does it involve sexual relationship(s) with adult

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Kevin says...

I like your coments.

I would like to know more about Guyma Noel because I knew this Guy from Haiti.

It is not about homosexual only it's about sex period.

Before they even go to the seminar they told them they cannot have sex Now if they do it they should have zero tolerance on

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Jubilee Dargrain says...

He was told but he is so arrogant that he'd rather give the cold shoulder or even if he could, he would have excomunicated people who talk about his sexual business.

He bedded many women but this last one was the most audacious.

She was even pregnant and carried her belly up in everybody's face like no tomorrow (baby came out deformed and died).

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Bettybeaubrun says...

cette nouvelle ne n'etonne guere puisque moi-meme, lorsque j'etais membre d'un groupe religieux universitaire, j'ai ete abordee en maintes reprise par des pretres a l'eglise.Je pense que ces histoires de pretres ayant des rapports sexuels avec des fideles (adultes-consentants ou des enfants sans defense)sont aussi vieilles que l'eglise catholique.Les gens se sont tues et de ce fait, sont devenues complices de ces pretres, presqu'intouchables.A l'eglise on nous enseignait que "le pretre est le representant de Dieu sur la terre".Qui oserait donc juger un pretre ou le condamner?En ce qui concerne le celibat ou mariage d'un chretien, veuillez lire:Mt.19:4-12,1Co.7:1-11,31-40.Le pretre a choisi et fait un voeu de chastete.

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Tony says...

por favor rectifica el mensaje j´ai jamais dit que c´est un montage de la ONU por favor borra eso para mi el internet está traduciendo lo que uno no dice. Les ruego que me borren donde dice es le montaje de la Onu. Es una mala traducción de esta

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Aleck says...

I do not know father gabriel, but I often heard about some their sexual's misconduct.

It's become so popular in today's society because of poverty.

Some of them are taking advantage of those naive christians who believe and trust them. They have children all over the country and Rome just keep quiet.

Some others practicing homosexuality among them. They do not even feel

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Solidarite Internationale says...

It takes the haitian community so long to realize the kind of embarassment that the catholic priests have brought to our courtyard.From father jean bertrand aristide, to the ultimate deception by father guyma noel in the parish of st peter and paul in decatur georgia, father joachim samedi and much more today is father gabriel michel tomorrow will be worst with more child molestation, pedophile.Yes we can stop those criminal activities in our community by not tolerated those homosexuals with long robe around our children also do not allow them to bark as dogs with their theology of liberation amongst us in our parishes.Keep questioning our children about the priest behavior.

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Jean Charlot Charlemagne says...

Le sacerdoce n'est pas une vie

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Tony says...

je prie pour mon ami Gabriel Michel

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Julmice says...

Dios mio conozco al sacerdote Gabriel Michel, nunca escuché que molestaria a una mujer.

No es que quiero defenderlo pero lo que sé el no es culpable cuando estaba en el seminario muchas mujeres andan atrás de él pero él siguió su camino no hacen caso a ellas.

Parece que es un montaje

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