Haitian Politicians Fear Wyclef Could Win In A Landslide!

The Wyclef Factor - Although Wyclef has not officially announced his candidacy for President of Haiti, Haitian politicians are in fear that Wyclef Jean as a presidential candidate may mean the end of their campaign.

The Wyclef Factor

Himmler Rebu told Reuters: "I think if Wyclef is allowed to run he will have a straight victory."

Himmler Rebu is a Haitian political leader and former presidential candidate.

The article also mention that "many analysts predict Jean -- who is very popular among Haitians, particularly the young -- would easily win the presidential election if his candidacy were approved."

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Wins says...

i hope wyclef wl be president because i think he can change my

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Tomy says...

I hope his Candidature is aproved, i believe he can make a diference, FIRST OF ALL, We need someone who can bring invester in the country and be able to cordinate accordingly, and i think he can do

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Miggy says...

Now folks
How many Haitian musicians who are very successful you have heard that are doing great things in Haiti.

Like creating programs.

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Miggy says...

The man has a great heart.

It seems its almost the spirit and "GEN" of TOUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE is in him.
I pray that he will win. Change for Haiti

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