Haitian Movie Clips

Now you can on the trailers section of Belfim.com.

Adding your to the Haiti Internet Movie Database is very simple.

Here is how to submit videos to this belfim:

(1) upload your video to .

(2) once your video is live on youtube, for approval.

The Haiti internet movie database will not aprove anything but Haitian movie clips.

If you already have your Haitian movie clip on youtube then .

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Esteban says...

Can you share the addresses of some of them?

I'm looking for Piwouli et le Zenglendo.

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Azucar Negra says...

are you just looking to buy online only?

cause i know of many stores, in

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Rony says...

Please, help...

Where can I buy Haitian movies?.

I had some since I've been to Florida.

I can't wait till.
is there an online

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