Haitian Cuisine - Can a Haitian Cook without MAGGI?

I was reading an article online that says: "Maggi is in every meal in West Africa" and I started laughing because I know that virtually everything you eat in Haiti has a bouillon cube in it...

Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI

Haitian women have been using Maggi bouillon cubes for cooking for so long that the Creole word for Bouillon Cube is MAGGI... Yo mete Maggi nan tout bagay... But do you know how bad this stuff is for you health? Keep on reading...

Not a day goes by in Haiti that you don't hear an advertisement on the radio about these things...

Haitians associate the "Bon Gou" (great taste) of food to MAGGI...

Si manje a pa gen maggi, manje a pa gou...

BUT... Did you Know?

There are 3 major in ingredients in these bouillon cubes and all three are bad for your health:

1) - Sodium (Salt) - These cube is comprised mostly of SALT. So much salt that nearly HALF of the cube is ALL SALT... And on top of that, Haitians add MORE salt on the food they eat.

2) Hydrogenated fats - Unnatural fats that are harmful or damaging to your health.

3) Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - A flavor enhancer, a silent killer that is worse for your health than alcohol, nicotine and many other drugs according to Dr. Mercola. I strongly recommend you read this...

MSG simply makes food taste good, mouthwatering... It's the "I don't know why it tastes so good" flavor known as "umani" known to the world as the 5th flavor, the other 4 being: sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Read more about MSG and Umani on Wikipedia.

Other than that, these bouillon cubes that makes your food taste so good have absolutely no health benefits whatsoever...

I recommend you read these articles:

Spotlight: The Evils of Maggi (and Recipe for Chicken Broth)

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I guest we can ask the same question for Haitian Cooking... What's with the Maggi Cubes?

How often do you use these cubes in when preparing your favorite Haitian dishes?

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Gotty says...

Yes, we can cook tasty Haitian food without maggi.

To do so we have to use fresh spices.

I always blend fresh spices ( garlic, leek, dill, parsley, green onion, clove powder, sage, rosemary, sweet peeper..) and blend it in oil and store it in the fridge.

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Josy says...

Can a Latino Cook without Adobo?

The Maggi does not do much damage, because of the fruits and vegetables in Haiti.

We ate fresh food in Haiti, and it did not affect us. We are now living overseas, and the food is dead. We do not eat fresh fruits, and vegetables.

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Sherlie says...

mkonnen wi se sa ki fè lè map fè manje m mete sèlman maggi, paske mari fè hypertension alo anpil sèl pa bon pou li, mwen pa wè'm vre ki ap fè manje san maggi ak kokoye

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Haiti - MAGGI nan Manjé - Medam Haitien yo...

Eske nou konnen MAGGI pa bon pou santé nou?

Santé mari nou?

Santé pitit nou?

Poukisa nou mete MAGGI nan tout bagay?

Poukisa lè yon fanm Haitienne ap kwit diri, sòs pwa, sòs viann, li mete MAGGI nan TOUT nèt?

Ni diri a, ni sòs pwa a, ni sòs viann lan...

Kisa-w panse de

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