Haiti wakes up Relatively Calm One Day after Election Results

Port-au-Prince Haiti One day after the presidential elections results -- Compared to all the negative anticipations many people expected in the days after the Presidential election results, Haiti woke up relatively calm...

PHOTO: Haiti - Carrefour Aeroport Overpass

KREYOL: Haiti - Tout bagay POZE yon jou matin apre resulta elections presidentiel yo... Bon nouvel jiskaprezan... Tout moun te pè Haiti tap tet anba... So far so Good... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Maybe it's fear of the unknown, many radio stations in the capital reported the streets mostly empty in the early morning hours of Friday...

There were no students in the streets, businesses that ordinarily opened early were mostly closed, even street vendors and ti machanns seem to take the day off...

One radio reporter mentioned tires burning in some rare populated areas but there are few and far between...

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Easye says...

I was a bit nervous last week as I had my flight book to Haiti and was planning on changing my mind, but the news I saw this morning has made me feel a little more relax.

It is a relief to here that the place is relatively calm. I know a lot of travelers are so relief to hear this kind of feedback.

Good job

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Pierrerosaire says...

Yo panse yo tap ka kraze brize bondye fe boy tela boy tap fe yo fe boy met nan

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