Babay VOILA... Haiti's VOILA Mobile Network is No More...

For everyone who enjoyed the services of Voilà Comcel as their Haitian mobile network of choice, I have some bad news... Voilà no longer exists...

Voila Haiti Cell Phone Company

Diaspora San Kat la sanse tounen... Yon Diaspora San Rezo!

All Voila customers have been officially welcomed to the Digicel Network.

Side note: Voila Comcel has been a our sponsor for many years. And for that reason, We have always used Voilà as our preferred mobile network and have always recommended Voilà to our readers.

We have even given away a few Voilà phone cards GRATIS to some fortunate Voila clients

Info for Voilà Customers...

As of yesterday, October 23 2012, all phones Voilà, operating under the 850 MHz frequency, are no longer functional.

If you are a Voilà subscriber and you want to check to see if your current phone will still be functional after October 23, try to manually add the Digicel Network to your phone under the network settings of the phone.

If you are unable to do that, dial *233# from your old Voilà cell phone.

Good Bye Voilà... Some of us will truly miss you!

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Paul says...

So now, I have to get rid of my beautiful green and white Voila phone?

Since you mentioned that the 850 MHz is no longer in use, I wonder what frequency Digicel is using?

By the way, I will never purchase any proprietary phone in Haiti ever, ever. I will make sure that I bring an unlocked phone with me on my next

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