Haiti - The Untouchables - "Tout moun se Chèf" and it is a Big Problem

Law and order is defined as a situation characterized by respect for and obedience to the rules of a society... Law and order is what, I think all Haitians will agree, is missing in Haiti... Tout moun se chèf... Tout chèf ap fè dezòd and they all seem so untouchable... For this reason. maintaining Law and Order in Haiti becomes impossible...

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

True or False? Haitians are very arrogant when they have a Get out of Jail Free Card...

Everybody knows somebody who can get them out of jail in Haiti. Everybody knows a "Poids Lourd" (a heavy weight) in the government, someone who can make a phone call if they are in trouble. Couple that with the excessive arrogance of some of my beloved Haitian brothers and sisters, you now a recipe for disaster.

Depi Haitien an gen yon patnè li ki chèf, li pa oblije respekte ni sivil parèy li, ni otorite ki gen pouvwa sou li... Li fè sa li vle, jan li vle, kote li vle. li derespekte moun li vle. Li pa gen respe menm pou la polis ki nan lari a pou mentni lòd.

Depi moun nan sèlman konnen yon moun ki chèf nan peyi a, l-ap mache, djol li mare... Si devènn pa-w ou ta pile pwent pie li, ou ka menm gentan pran kèk kalòt avan ou di "ekskize-m"... Moun saa pa chèf non, li sèlman gen yon kouzen li bò manman ki kazèk nan zonn nan...

Si devenn pa-w, moun saa ta chèf menm, ou mele.

Because many people in Haiti are either in power or know someone who is, law enforcement becomes dificult and even those who have been hired to enforce the law are unable to perforn their duties.

How should this issue be addressed?

I think our Haitian Society has outgrown this kind of practice. To me, I think it's just an old Slave-Master mentality that has never escape our society as a whole. once we think we are in control, we want the others to know who's the man.

My father thought me that, when you have power over another individual, you have to use "La Sagesse" first. "come with a smile," he says.

I think we need to have a little bit more respect towards one another. I think we need to stop harassing each other and let those who have been hired to enforce the law do their jobs.

What do you think about this?

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Patrick Princivil says...

My friends,

Do you remember tonton makoutes of Haïti did not have any respect for human being in Haïti?

Where are they now?

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Garry Destin says...

trase ekzamp sou pi gro yo epi wap we tout moune ap

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Subject: Haiti - The Untouchables - "Tout moun se Chef" and it is a Big Problem edit

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