Haiti Taxi Moto Drivers are on Strike

Taxi moto drivers in Haiti are on strike today. They refuse to pay the required $1,750 gourdes to register their motorcycles at the local town halls (La Mairie)

To register their motorcycles at the local "La Mairie," the town hall of the communes, each taxi moto driver must pay 1,750 gourdes. in return, he will receive a vest and a helmet.

According to certain Haitian taxi moto drivers, they already have a motorcycle helmet an they don't see why they have to pay all this money to "La Mairie" for a vest.

According to the new rule, all taxi moto drivers have to register with La Marie and they have to operate within the commune where they are registered.

Note: Le Nouvelliste reported the fee is $3,250 gourdes, but Haiti Radio Caraibes said the fee is $1,750 gourdes

What do you think about that?

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Le Noir Black says...

If it's Gourdes, why do you have a dollar sign in from of

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Reader says...

This is crazy what's the problem, why they don't want to register their Motorcycle, gen anpil ladan yo ki pa menm gen lumyer kap kouri nan la ru a yo ta supoze pran kontravansyon 5 h du maten yo nan la ru san

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John says...

Even worse is when a young child sits on a moto in front of the driver with nothing more than

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Eunice Tassone says...

It's a moneymaker.

Why issue a helmet for the driver when they stack five people on a motorcycle with no helmets.

It is as bad as the seatbelt law for drivers who get fined for not wearing one when there are 20 people piled in the back of their trucks.

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