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A Haitian Taxi Moto driver earns more $$$ per month than a Haitian Police Officer!

Look... A Haitian Taxi Moto carrying 4 passengers plus the driver You ever ask yourself why do Haitian police officers put their lives at risk everyday to protect an serve when an average taxi moto driver makes more money than most policemen in Haiti? more »

Haiti Taxi Moto Drivers are on Strike

Haiti - Machine a Coudre Sou Moto Taxi moto drivers in Haiti are on strike today. They refuse to pay the required $1,750 gourdes to register their motorcycles at the local town halls (La Mairie) more »

Haiti Taxi Motos : Authorities Attempt to force ONE Passenger per Ride

Look... A Haitian Taxi Moto carrying 4 passengers plus the driver The Haitian are tyring to take steps to reduce the number of accidents involving taxi motos in Haiti. One of these decisions an attempt to force Taxi Moto operators to carry a single passenger per ride... more »

Taxi Moto in Haiti: Not the safest but definitely the most efficient way to get around in Haiti

Taxi Moto - Motorcyle Taxi - Gonaives Haiti Foreigners and tourists in Haiti are opting for taxi-motos as the means to get around in the busy streets of Port-au-Prince and in remote areas where public transportation is scarce. more »