Haiti - Religion - "Notre Père, qui es au Cieux" Prayer has Officially been Changed...

Holy Jesus! For fifty years, Haitians have been praying "notre père, qui es au cieux" not knowing that there is a 'blasphemous' mistake in it... Yep... There has been an ERROR in the French version of the Lord's prayer for the last 50 years... It is finally being changed... What is the mistake? keep reading...

La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French)
La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French)

In the French version of the Lord prayer, the line "And lead us not into temptation" translated into "Ne nous soumets pas à la tentation" (And don't submit us to temptation). After a 17-year debate, the Telegraph reports, theologians and writers concluded that the French equivalent of that line "And lead us not into temptation" implied that God Himself could lead us astray, rather than help us keep on the straight and narrow, and thus had "blasphemous" overtones.

SO... France's Catholic Church has finally corrected this "blasphemous" error that crept into the Gallic version of The Lord's prayer half a century ago.

Now and forever, "And lead us not into temptation" will translate to: "Et ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation" (And don't let us enter into temptation).

This change will be incorporated into a new French translation of the Bible validated by the Vatican that will be published next month.

Ou tande?

Sispann repete "Ne nous soumets pas à la tentation"... Wap blasferme... Di pito: "Et ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation"

Epi yo di se mwen ki pa pale Francais... LOL...

What do you think about this?

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Maggy Gousse says...

I have to say, this does not mean anything to me because as a Christian, I always created my own prayer and everyone should as-well.

It is good to have a base like the "Notre Pere" however praying is not simple of repetition of words.

Rather it is your faith through direct communication with God through Jesus and beleiving he is the son of God. Helas, who came here on earth to teach us how to pray and that we can have a direct communication with God. This prayer "Notre Pere" was an example of Prayer therefore I say follow Jesus example and you will be just fine, in your own words.

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Paul says...

No wonder God does not respond to our prayers! I hope he forgives us once and for all, and sends his blessings our

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Cherubin says...

C'est un renouveau dans l'histore de l'Eglise

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Herman says...

Rather comic observation.

For real monotheiste, there is but one God. So what about the

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Paul Dja says...


Un plaisir d'avoir l'occasion encore une fois d'apporter ma contribution pour compléter un de vos articles, toujours excellents par ailleurs!

J'écris en français mais je vous autorise à traduire mon texte en anglais et le diffuser si vous le jugez digne de publication.

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Subject: Haiti - Religion - "Notre Pere, qui es au Cieux" Prayer has Officially been Changed... edit

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