Haiti Photo Stories

In a Bikini, Naomi Osaka like you've never seen her before!

Naomi Osaka Sexy Bikini Picture at the Beach Here is a photo of Naomi Osaka like you never seen her before. Naomi Osaka in a bikini. more »

Do you Recognize all the Haitian Artists in this Photo?

Image - Haitian Music Artists on the Beach Take a good look at this comic book image... Do you recognize all the Haitian artists in the photo? Amazing isn't it? from the creative mind of Kendy Joseph... more »

Haiti Police Nationale - 25th Promotion just Graduated...

Haiti Security - The 25th promotion of the Haiti National Police force has just graduated... That means more police presence in the streets of Haiti to fight crime... to protect and serve a population in need of more security. more »

Haiti - Cine Triomphe is Almost ready - PHOTOS Look...

PHOTO: Haiti - Ciné Triomphe Prèske Pare, tòl wouj saa pwal ateri LOL... Yesterday, I posted a photo on Facebook to let the Haitian people know that Cine Triomphe in downtown Port-au-Prince is almost ready and I was surprised to see how many people were just in love with the photo... When I shared the photos of the blue seats and red seats still wrapped in plastic inside the theaters of Cine Triomphe, my Facebook fans went crazy... They loved it... more »

HAITI - There is another life high in the countryside mountaintops

After the Gonaives Carnaval, I decided to go with a friend to re-visit Les Cayes... Except this time, we chose not to stay in the city but go high in the mountains near the commune of Chantal... Deep inside Torbeck... To visit my friend's grand parents... I had to leave my car behind and walk uphill nearly an hour... Beyond the treacherous walk is a paradise that most Haitian city slickers know nothing about... more »

PHOTOS - Haiti Road Construction - Lascahobas to Belladere looking good...

For all the Haitian residents of Lascahobas and Belladere Haiti, your road is coming... I just drove from Lascahobas to Belladere and I notice lots of improvement from my last trip a few months ago. See all the photos here... more »