Haiti Loans Vs Jobs - Which One Comes First?

Question: Would you lend money to someone if you knew he will not be able to pay you back?

Haiti Open For Business

I hear talks of home loans in Haiti and I think it's about time... But suddenly something came to mind.

1) I don't have the exact figures but I know that Haiti's unemployment rate is extremely high.

2) Those who REALLY need home loans in Haiti now are most likely home-less AND job-less... Right? I mean all these talks came about in the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake and the fact that people live in tents.


Which one will come first?


Or Jobs?

Yeah... I know... My brain thinks about KREZI TINGS...

Reply with your comments.

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Kelvin Scoon says...

For Immediate Release
Sunday November 6, 2011

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Camya says...

thank you for this topic.

i think that if you give a fish to some one every day, you do nothing but if you create job, that is the best thing to do.
thank you so

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Ana Dayiti says...

This is just a plot for the banks to own the land in Haiti just like they do in the USA. Right now the Haitian people own the land. Once the banksters get you on that 30 year cycle and make you pledge all your current and future equity in that property, they own you. So much money was generously donated by people around the world to help the Haitian people rebuild.

They have not even built not so much as one shack with the money! Instead they want to give mortgages to the same people they don't miss an opportunity to tell you are the poorest in the western hemisphere.

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Elizabeth says...

yon sel solityon, se kreye job.ki donk, si w gin w job, ou ka prete lajan e achete kay an min m

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Myrtho says...

I don't know what to make of it.This is a very crazy situation.The housing loans are good but how can people repay their dues if they are not working.

I think having a job will give them the incentive to obtain a loan but meanwhile they need a place to rest their heads at night.

I don't see how to resolve the problem.

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