This is just a plot for the banks to own the land in Haiti...

Ana Dayiti - November 3 2011, 2:24 PM

This is just a plot for the banks to own the land in Haiti just like they do in the USA. Right now the Haitian people own the land. Once the banksters get you on that 30 year cycle and make you pledge all your current and future equity in that property, they own you. So much money was generously donated by people around the world to help the Haitian people rebuild.

They have not even built not so much as one shack with the money! Instead they want to give mortgages to the same people they don't miss an opportunity to tell you are the poorest in the western hemisphere.

The same people who reaped havoc with sub primed mortgages and created the whole foreclosure crisis in the USA are going down to Haiti to do the same. They didn't care if people could repay in the USA and they certainly don't care if people can repay in Haiti.

Remember those "no income verification loans" they were handing out in the USA a couple of years ago: "have signature, we will lend."?

Jobs?!!! They don't care about the Haitian people's ability to repay any loans.

All the banksters want is some new signatures and the hard assets.

If the people in Haiti are smart, they would just pitch a tent on their land until they can build something for themselves.

Sooner or later the only place they are going to end up if they sign any papers with the banksters, is out in the street!

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