Haiti Kanaval 2012, Traffic Jam On The Road To Les Cayes

Saturday 18 Feb 2012 - Haiti Route National 2 becomes a parking lot as Haitians head south to Kanaval 2012 in Les Cayes. We have so photos to show you...

Traffic To Les Cayes Haiti Kanaval 2012

It seems everyone going to Aux Cayes anticipating a good time. We left Port-au-Prince around 3pm and by the time we got to Carrefour, it was a parking lot.

The most interesting part of it all was that, for the first time in a long time, I didn't hear too many drivers honking their horns. believe me when I tell you, a quiet traffic jam in Haiti is a good sign LOL...

If you are coming from Port-au-Prince or Northern Haiti, expect heavy traffic in the area of Carrefour to Mariani. Once you go past Leogane, it is smooth sailing all the way to Les Cayes.

Are you still coming?

Are you in Les Cayes?

Let me hear from you, reply with your comments.

If you can't make it to Les Cayes, not to worry, I will do my best to share the experience with you

Rete Branche!

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Bernadette says...

Hey Woody, Sa wouap tann pou voye photo yo monche, depeche'w m'paka tann. Map di'w selmen voye anpil photo

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Cayen says...

les cayes cherie my home town the best of them all i love you. gelee port salut ile a vache cam perrin simply

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Dad says...

Unfortunately I am from Les Cayes and didn't anticipate to attend Canaval this year. Since I was a little girl Carnaval was always in P-AU-P I don't know why they have deceided to have it Les Cayes this year, I hope everything goes well for. Those 3 days and I will continued to pray for all my Haitians sisters and brothers.

Woodring keep up the good work bro, have

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