Haiti - Environment: The High Cost of Renewable Energy

Last week, I wrote an article about renewable energy to power rural Haiti. Since then, I've been curious to know how much it actually costs to implement renewable energy in Haiti.

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy

Don't get your hopes up thinking that a few million dollars will make rural Haiti all bright and green with renewable energy. Haitians have this mentality of saying "Oh wi... YO bay gouvenman lajan pou li bay pep la kouran, kouran pa ja-m vini..."

Do you know how much Haiti would actually need to provide solar or wind energy to a small town?

Let me give you a hint...

In a quick 2-minute research I did online, I discovered that ONE commercial-scale wind turbine, 2MW in size, cost roughly $3-$4 million installed.

Also... While solar radiation is FREE the Solar Cells needed to harvest solar radiation and convert it to electricity is not. do a quick Google search on "How much does a commercial solar panel cost" and you will quickly realize how expensive it is.

I know we talk about it a lot I am really interested in knowing how much these things cost.
Are you a renewable energy expert? Won't you shed some light for us...

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