In Haiti, eating fruits and vegetables is cheaper than the alternative and it's good for you

If you want to eat healthy and loose weight at the same time, you have to eat fewer calories than your body uses. There's no better way to do that then to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lucky for us living in a province in Haiti, fruits and vegetables are cheap and plentiful, and organic.

PHOTO: Haiti - Lo Patat - How sweet potato is sold in street markets

In Haiti, you will not find all the vegetables you want to eat all the time but there is always some kinds of fruits and vegetables in season at the street markets (nan mache).

When it's mango season, I eat mangoes. When it's papaya season, I eat papaya. Whatever season it is, 'sezon mayi vet,' 'sezon pwa kongo,' that particular fruit or vegetable is cheaper during that time because it is abundant for a short period of time

PHOTO: Fresh mangoes from Haiti - It's Mango Season!

I notice many Haitian cannot eat lunch without some kind of meat in it. It's not the meat that fills you up while the meat is the most expensive part of your meal.

The Center for Disease Control and prevention says eating fruits and vegetables are part of a well-balanced and healthy eating plan but many people in my country are trading those fruits and vegetables in the marketplace for imported rice, spaghetti and other canned foods that is sold at a price that makes you wonder how much it costs to produce wherever it comes from

I hear many people complaining how expensive it is to eat everyday in Haiti. One thing I can say about that is: It depends what you eat.

What do you think about that?

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Thanks for a very nice article about this subject.

I LOVE to eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables.

I am a Raw Vegan and the diet is soo good for my health.

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Woody says...

En Haiti, lè w ap viv an provens epi ou renmen kraze ti bannan bouyi w, ti patat ou, lè w renmen manje mango ak tout lot bagay abitan pote vinn vann nan mache, ou pa ka plenyen lavi

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Subject: In Haiti, eating fruits and vegetables is cheaper than the alternative and it's good for you edit

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