Haiti Carnaval 2012 in Les Cayes, Are you Going?

In case you didn't know, Haiti's 2012 Carnaval Nationale is being held in Les Cayes. Are you going? Have you heard the latest Carnival Jingles? Watch New videos...

Listen to the latest Haiti Carnival 2102 songs
Watch Haiti Kanaval 2012 videos at

So far, we have the 2012 carnivals from, Carimi, Djakout, Krezi, and many more...

About Haiti Carnaval 2012 in Les Cayes:

Carnaval 2012 in les Cayes will be held from Sunday February 19 to Tuesday February 21.

The main question that I am hearing is: Does Les Cayes have enough hotels to accommodate all the visitors who are planning to go to Carnaval this year?

Well... I hope to he there, in Les Cayes, and to share with you this unique experience.

Listen to the latest Haiti Carnival 2102 songs
Watch Haiti Kanaval 2012 videos at


Are you going to Carnaval this year?

What do you think about the carnaval shift from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes for 2012?

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J-r Auguste says...

To the description of carnaval as posted by Toudenoir I would add: the jambes de bois groups of adults and children.

All "deguise" and parading on long, tall jambes de bois.

A huge, colorful, dancing and reveling parade.

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Toudenoir says...

No I will not go. This charade is a carnaval in name only. A bunch of non costumed people milling about for three days.

In the Haiti of my childhood, carnaval was a real event.

One could not march in the cortege if one was not "deguise".

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Josy says...

I remember Carnaval in Haiti when I was growing up, and cannot explain it. You had to be there at the time, and the parade use to pass in Bas Peu De Chose.

My mom was a huge fan of Nemours Jean Baptiste, and it was really a happy time. We then had Lobodia when I was a teenager, and I really miss it. I did not appreciate it as a kid, but do now and let's not forget Charles Oscar or Lamaillotte.

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Atchy says...

bravo pou tout moun kap pale comme c'est la democratie nou gen dwa di toput sa nou dwe di. nou pran plezi antre bagay Divin chak jou ak bagay sosial we need to stop that. kanaval se cultur ton peyi ke ni Bondye Jezi jwenn ak tout Saint espri a pa gen opkenn problem ak sa.
Les grands evenements passent dans tous les autres pays men ki pa vle di ke culture peyi dwe pran vakans or sispann kontinye les activites de ce pays. en passant se pa sel ayiti ki konnen trambleman de terre se bagay ki pase preske tout tan nan tout peyi. Nou telman pale vye koze nou di se moun ki koz trembleman de terre a en ayiti kelke mwa plus tard Chilie pral fraper tou et rapid Japon pral tombe eske sa vle di Chilien yo ak japonais sispann aktivite sosial yo nan peyi a.
An nou sispann pran patat mayi bannnan ble mele ak diri ansanm kite bagay yo nan plas yo bagay Divin se Divin bagay sosial se sosial sispann antre Bondye nana tout sos nou. pou mpoun kap pale de yo di pral gen plis trambleman de terre kap pase ayiti a m ta renmen mande w nan ki radio or k8i bo ou te lekol menm?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Michel Martelly have to remove that shit in that country, we want to hear from Haiti about God in heaven, his true church on the land of Haiti.

You have to remove all kind of this mess there.

Haiti don't need anymore carnaval, please! if President don't remove that mess, he will feel it. Everywhere in Canada-US and other countries, they have signs to lead the drivers and pedestrians.

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Damebochie says...

Mezanmi mwen konnen anpil nan nou pral lapide m pou sa mwen pral di an la. But go ahead, I will take it. Nou gen 2 ans depi yon tranbleman de te pase lakay nou. Tranbleman de te a tiye 200,000+ moun, cholera tiye 7000+, avan hier la ou aksidan tiye 30+ moun sou rout delmas a, san konte paket kretyen vivan nou pedi pandan deux ans sa, nan aksidan machin elatriye, paske peyi nou lack the basic infrastructure.

Nou toupatou nan mond lan avek kwi nou nan men nou, nap mande lot peyi pou ede nou rekonstwi paske nou menm Ayisyen pa gen lajan pou nou rekonstwi.

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Calixte Guerrier says...

Yes, I would like to go, to work together with the young people in Church, but I don't have a date yet. Pray for me so I can go.
May God continue to bless you over there.


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Etienne says...

I think that is a great idea! Why not les Cayes?

I went there as a kid and loved it, it is a beautiful city, great hospitality, and lots of good memories.

I wish I could make it this year but I'll have to settle for next year in Port-de-Paix.

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