Haiti Bank Borlette - 2 Billion a Year Industry

Did you know? Borlette in Haiti is a two billion a year industry... That's BILLION with a 'B'. I don't know if it is in gourdes, in Haitian dollars or U.S. but... That's a heck of a lot of money if you ask me!

Do you know why they call them "Bank Borlette"???

I read an article recently that says they call then Bank Borlette because that's where they poor in Haiti invest their money...

I guess that makes the 'TCHALA' a Savings and Investment Manual... LOL...

You invest 1 gourde based on a dream. If you're lucky you could get as much as 50 gourdes in return.

What do you think about that?

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Will says...

JUBILÉE Bank Borlette in Haiti is the Biggest BANK Borlette in Nord

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Cozy Michaels says...

They are a sickening eye sore which must be removed if Haiti is to get any where.

There are thousands of these broken down little shacks everywhere.

It amazes me that as soon as the poor Haitian earn any kind of money, they run right to these borlette shacks and give them all their money.

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