Haiti - ALL These Tomatoes for 75 Gourdes, about $1.25 US, Great Deal OR La Vie Cher?

A Haitian farmer walks by my house in Hinche Haiti with a big "panier" of organic tomatoes and sells me a one-gallon bucket full of tomatoes for 75 gourdes... That's about $1.25 US for more than 60 medium tomatoes... Is that a great deal OR "La Vie Cher"?

PHOTO: Haiti - Fresh Tomatoes - Cost: 75 Haitian Gourdes
PHOTO: Haiti - Fresh Tomatoes - Cost: 75 Haitian Gourdes

KREYOL: Gade sa... Haiti - 75 Gourdes Tomates... Yon BOKIT plen tomat pou environ $1.25 US... Bon DEAL oswa La Vie Cher? Kisa ou panse de sa???

QUESTION: How much is one pound of tomatoes where you live?

Some say life is expensive in Haiti... Is it because there is NO money circulating in the hands of the people (PEP LA) or is it because food is simply expensive to buy?

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Aaaaaaaaaa !

Pandan wap mandé si tout tomate sa yo chè oswa pa chè ti machan yo al acheté yo jis Seng Domeng pou yal chita nan pousyè, labou kwabosal ak lassaline, nan fatra bò lari yo ak nan maché yo pou van yo a 3 pou 25 goudes épi nou pa menm ka jwen yo poun acheté.

Mwen pap kaché di nou sa :

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. That is GREAT!!! but I feel really sad for the farmers of Ayiti who work so hard and earn so little.

I want organic tomatoes grown in Ayiti's soil. I so wish that they were sold at my local organic produce markets in Paris and/or NYC. Please keep us updated on what other organic produce you buy. I am very interested in buying organic mangoes and other fruits.

I sometimes buy organic sugar cane at the Biocoop Dada in Paris.

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Sedec Andreus says...

1-Most of the farmers have left the country sides to live in town where the espace is not enough to grow agriculture products and raise animals.

2-There is no governmental irrigation system to water their land in dry seasons.

3-Possibility of exportation(exchanging the agricultural products to other countries) is not set into place in Haiti.

4-Most of haitian people prefer using extern more than local

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Franck says...

you should open a Pizza store.

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Shime Leroy says...

la vie chere parce que ou pas capab manger tomates yo seulementor ou connin en haitien en haitien manger du riz sauce pois banan ac viande or on ti marnite du riz moin crou couter 30 ou 40

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Subject: Haiti - ALL These Tomatoes for 75 Gourdes, about $1.25 US, Great Deal OR La Vie Cher? edit

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