Haitians in the Diaspora tend to gain weight during the Holidays!

From Thanksgiving in November to Soup Joumou day, January first, many Haitians in the Diaspora tend to gain some weight during the holidays from eating all that delicious foods and holiday treats.

Christmas in Haiti

Haitians in the Diaspora do more than just eating turkey for thanksgiving. Often times it is really a time of feast, one of the few times family members come from far away to spend time together.

Between eating all that diri ak djondjon, macaroni au gratin, turkey and everything else that comes with it, the holidays is a times when people tend to eat more than usual.

Let's not forget the young Haitian a-American kids who packed up on all that candy and sweets from the Halloween celebration from the month before.

Christmas season is the time for eggnog, fruitcakes, candy canes, pecan pies and pumpkin pies. Add to that the delicious Haitian Holiday drinks like Liqueur and Cremasse and sweet treats like gato, bonbon, pain patate and more. Can you see how the pounds will be added on in no time?

Although I love spending the holidays at my Haitian Mother's house, there is one problem I have with her every time: Mom really enjoys see you gain weight from eating all that good food she eats.

We hope you really enjoy the holidays and, if you gain weight during the holidays, I already know that your new-year resolution is going to be.

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