Christmas in Haiti

Christmas in Haiti

Kek fwa nou panse yon kado oblije yon gro bagay... Se pa vre ditou... Yon kado se yon kado. Yon kado se yon GWO kado le-w bay yon moun ki pat espere li, epi ki nan nesesite li.

Bay yon ti moun ou pa konnen yon kado ane saa... menm si se yon adoken!

Just lonje-l bali, epi di li "Jwane Noel..."

Woodring Saint-Preux

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Everyone is complaining that Christmas is bad in Haiti this year. Even in the media I hear complaints that, literally, the holiday season is just terrible this year. I've decided to do something different this year and I hope you do the same.

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From Thanksgiving in November to Soup Joumou day, January first, many Haitians in the Diaspora tend to gain some weight during the holidays from eating all that delicious foods and holiday treats.

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Last night, December 13 2018, Only 12 days before Christmas, I am driving down the city of Hinche Haiti and I realize, there's no Christmas spirit here! How is the Christmas spirit in your neck of the woods?

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Can you believe this? I've only spotted one Christmas tree in the city of Hinche Haiti where I live. It's at my cousin's beauty salon. Of course there are no wrapped gift boxes beneath it...

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I am sitting here listening to the neighbors radio, an old school Haitian Christmas song is playing and, already, I am in the mood for the Holidays.

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