Food for the Poor building houses in Haiti

For the millions of desperate made-homeless-by-the-earthquake people in Haiti, there is some good news. Food For The Poor is making progress in building more and more houses in Haiti. The charity organization is aiming to build 400 to 500 houses per month in Haiti and they are already in the building process.

There is a Haitian saying "Yo baw kabann, epi-w mande dra." It simply means that, many times, we forget to say "thank you" for the little things that people do for us. Instead we criticize them for not doing more.

Right now, the focus is on getting the earthquake victims in Haiti off the streets and into a safe dry place for the long term.

If you are looking to live in a mansion, please hold, and build your house yourself. But...

If you are looking for way out of a Haitian tent city, out of the living conditions that I hear about in those tent cities, then you and your family may be lucky enough to live in one of those houses being built by Food For The Poor.

There are not luxurious, and there very small... They are...

"Simple, sturdy, concrete block homes, made on a cement foundation, with corrugated metal roofs. Real, hurricane-resistant construction," according to an article on "Some of them come with solar panels for electricity. Wells are dug for potable water in the midst of a cluster of the small houses. They're Spartan, they're tiny, but they might as well be heaven for the earthquake-ravaged victims of the earthquake."

I didn't understand what "Spartan" meant when it came to home building in Haiti until I found out that there is such a thing called "Living a Spartan lifestyle"

You may want to try it!

Currently, Food For The Poor is building four to five houses per day and they are aiming to build an average of 400 to 500 houses per month.

With continuing efforts like these, hopefully, our brothers and sister in Haiti will be able to get some sense of normalcy back in their lives.

More importantly...

Let us hope that these little cities being built have strict building codes that prevent the new owners from tearing down the metal roof, slapping another floor, and years later, turning them into another BIDON VILLE, another DEATH TRAP, and repeating the January 12 incident.

Remember this...

"Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." (Proverbs 29:18)

If you would like contribute to this effort, make a donation to Food For The Poor by visiting their official web site.

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Josette Arnoux says...

pleae let me know where can my family in haiti could go to apply for one of these home my sister is steel living in the street with no tent and three childrens please help me to locate the family at a better life style of

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Kenol Aris says...

I am very grateful for what this organization is doing for my people.

I congratulate them, and I encourage everyone (members of FAREHD or not ) to do not hesitate to contribute whatever they are able to in order to keep this project up and running.That is what we truly need now in Haiti, not empty discourse or non sense bla bla bla.

Kenol Aris, MS
President of Federation des Associations Regionales Haitiennes de la

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