Trying To Clean My Credit, Paying Other People's Debts!

Have you ever had to pay somebody else's debt because you are tyring to clean your own Credit? Read this...

Haitians With Bad Credit

Let us leave Haiti alone for a minute and discuss a very Haitian-American problem...

Whose bills have you been paying these days?


Also Read: Haitians with Bad Credit - The last time I refinanced my house with really bad credit, that mistake costs me at least $50,000 in fees, penalties, and interest

You would be surprised a find out the little things that affected my credit score... Little things that you can resolve with less than $100.00

Let me give you some examples:

I just found out that I had a few final bills that were left unpaid when I moved from one location to the next and these final bills were dragging my credit score down.

Because I failed to pay my AT&T final bill when I left Miramar, FL, (around 50 bucks) I was asked to dish out a $450.00 Non-refundable deposit in order to get the new AT&T U-Verse service.

Of course I got COMCAST Cable instead but that's another story!

Just today, I found out that I actually owed VERIZON $105.00


"I don't owe VERIZON any money," I thought, "I am a new customer, I just signed up as their Mobile customer only a few months ago and they are already lying on my credit report?"

Well that's what I thought.

I DID owe them money... Well... Somebody owed Verizon money under my name... And I don't want to go into it...

Let's just say that you should NEVER leave the house phone under your name before you move out hopping that your family, friend, or roommate will give a danm about your credit and pay the bill on time every time.

The credit collection agency was willing to settle for half the price, $52.81...

That's one more little stain removed from my credit report.

Did you know?

Once a year you can !

Find out how to right now and start chipping away the little stains on your credit file.

Paying off the little $50.00 debts and the FINAL Bills (in my case) can help you in the long run.

Them final bills are constantly haunting me... LOL...

Got any credit repair tips?

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Miggy says...

If everyone could get this in his/her head that your CREDIT HISTORY and CREDIT SCORE are a major parts of his/her Identity in America.

That would be one of the greatest gift to be given to yourself.

My credit is my life line. 747 up to date baby. I pay my bills on time and every time. DO NOT..I SAY DO NOT EVER ignore not paying just one dime. Let's start today.

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Marie says...

well, back in 2004, I cleaned up my credit not only by gradually paying off all the people I owed but I also removed all the little stains on my credit report.

Most important of all, I rebuilt my credit score by applying for a "Prepaid Credit Card"; it is like using your own money to build credit.

You have to put money in your credit card account, and you spend only what you have and afterwards, pay it back every month as your would a regular credit card. The most common ones are "The Richard Simmons Prepaid Card", and "Capitol One"...and I am sure there are more companies.

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Kenol Aris says...

You are absolutely right.

I believe that one of the best ways that someone can repair their credit is to take care of their bills, past and present.The big issue is that some of the past bills may be unknown.That is why I agree with you that people should check their credit report on a regular basis, at least once a year. It doesn't make any sense to have to pay higher interest rates because of an unpaid $ 50 bill.The key word in this matter is :Let's be

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