Les Cayes Haiti, The Primary Focus Now

The biggest news circling around the Haitian Internet these past few days revolves around the death of prisoners in a Haitian prison in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Prisoner In Haiti

In case you are not aware of it, let me brief you:

On January 19, seven days after the earthquake, there was a prison riot in Les Cayes Haiti.

That riot led to the death of more than one dozen Haitian prisoners and now, everyone, including the foreign press, are digging for answers. They want to know what happened.

  • The prison guards are blaming the prisoners,
  • The prisoners are blaming the guards,
  • MINUSTAH nan rakonte, and...
  • The New York Times is calling it a prison massacre with headlines like "Slaughter in Les Cayes"

What exactly happened in Les Cayes?

They say a video is worth one million words, so watch this video reportage of the Killings at Les Cayes Prison from The New York Times:

(video not available)

Why is it getting more media attention than the Haiti post-earthquake rebuilding efforts?

Well here is one possible answer...

Rebuilding Haiti is a little bit more complicated than "Bwase motye epi poze blok."


What is the purpose of building a beautiful mansion on top of a garbage dump?

It make no sense does it?

  • First you have to clean it up the area,
  • remove the trash,
  • get rid of the stench,
  • prep the land,
  • than you start building.

Part of the Haiti rebuilding process involves rebuilding a stable government.

To do that, the we the people of the Republic of Haiti must believe in the judicial system in Haiti. We must believe that those who have been HIRED to protect us will now be the ones causing us harm.

The focus is on the keyword "Believe"

With the world media now focusing on "Prison slaughter in Les Cayes," perhaps it will help our government to set some examples that will carry us forward into the next decade.

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Charlot Charlemagne says...

Let us see what will

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Mr.red. says...

Enough is enough.This is the time to judge the criminal kidnappers in this police force.The United Nations and Human Right have to get involve in the this cruel massacre.This is serious this time. We can't rebuilt the country and left the justice

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Marie says...

Thank God the world cares; United Nations and the U.S. or else what will become of Haiti from here if everyone turns a blind eye to the injustice that still prevails, let alone the poverty...Isn't it bad enough.

I am sure because these are prisoners, their lives to some may not be worth much, but remember there is still a civilized and just way to deal with these matters.

Our govenment is definitely lacking in so many

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