FLASH... Wyclef Jean is In the Hospital

We have just learned that Wyclef Jean has been hospitalized in New Jersey due to stress and fatigue... His family just released a statement...

This is not a hoaks... This is for real...

Here is a statement release by Wyclef's family earlier today:

Monday September 27, 2010

"Wyclef Jean has had an extremely grueling three months -- truly an exhausting eight months, since the earthquake when he recommitted himself to our homeland and his passion for our people.

He is currently suffering the effects of lack of sleep and stress, global travel, even the endless public eye, and has asked that his fans and supporters bear with him for the next several days as he regains his physical health and stamina.

Then he will be back out in front of the crusade to rebuild Haiti and his pledge to make it even better for business."

Get well soon my friend..

We need you...

Share your get-well wishes for Wyclef,
post a comment below...

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Eguins Chery says...

Get well clef I'll keep you in my

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Areze says...

I know you'll be okay. God will always be with you no matter what. And helping to those who needed is a great sacrifice.

Watch the song We Are The World, Haiti

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Hermione says...

Go-d Bless

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Hermione says...

Get well soon my dear, may Go blees you
from the whole

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Kimy says...

i hope u feel well. i luv

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Martine Civil says...

Jean my prayer go to you please get well soon martine and the population need you.my sincere love go to you may god continue to strenghten your capacity, your devotion for a better haiti and the conpassion at heart that you have for your nation I truly mean it again may thee almighty guide you

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Jeff says...

Warrior Clef Hope you get well soon get back on your feet to keep the fight going Haiti Love

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Roger Ch Telain says...

Get well soon brother,


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Jacomel says...



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Djmasskompa says...

am a student at york u study politc science.

iam rasta man you dig, iam me always gonna be nothing more nothing less, i look like a haitian, walk like a haitian, dress like a haitian smell like a haitian, also think like a haitian.clef don't be stress just go to haiti and live for about 5 years to be a danm president, because us rasta man depended on you for now. because you are the road for all the new generation of rasta man you

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