New Orphanage In Haiti To Honor Earthquake Victim Britney Gengel

A total of 104 Americans died in the Haiti earthquake including Lynn University Student Britney Gengel and to honor her, The Gengel family will build an orphanage in Haiti to continue her humanitarian mission.

The land to build the orphanage has already been purchased and a new non profit organization,, will raise money for the orphanage.

At the age of 19, Britney went to Haiti with a youth group to volunteer at an orphanage.

Three hours before the January 12 earthquake, WDNH reports, Britney Gengel sent a text message to her family that says:

"I want to come back here [to Haiti] and start my own orphanage"

She never left Haiti...

At least not her spirit... Only her body did....

Britney Gengel's body was discovered on Valentines Day, February 14 2010, in the remains of Haiti's Hotel Montana.

Here is a statement from Len Gengel, Britney's father:

"My wife and I always knew Britney would have greatness," Len Gengel says, "we just didn't know with her passing she would be helping the children of Haiti. Call it serendipitous. Call it providential. Call it divine intervention. But, we're finishing what our daughter started."

Here are some symbolic details about the orphanage

Britney Gengel was missing in Haiti for 33 days, so the orphanage will house 33 boys and 33 girls.

The orphanage will be built in the shape of the letter 'B' for Britney.

The orphanage will be built in Grand Goave Haiti because Britney Gengel was scheduled to visit Grand-Goave on January 13, one day after the earthquake.

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Fregens Delva says...

To day I take a time to remind Brit and I like to show my gratitude to her family.Brit the haitian community cary you in our heart and we love you and your family we are going to keep your family in our prayer every single day. Again we are never forgot

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Marie says...

we hope your spirit will inspire more haitians to follow your footsteps.

helping others without thiinking what will happened are not with us but your goodheart will live with many generations for

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Dr Antonio Pinchinat says...

For Haiti she is a

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