FLASH - Vodou Is BANNED in Haiti... AGAIN...

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the practice of Vodou is once again constitutionally banned in the Republic of Haiti. You are no longer permited to summon PAPA LEGBA... Comprende?

Haitian Vodou - Veve of Baron Samedi

Here is what I just found out...

There was a 53-year-old ban against the practice of voodoo in Haiti from 1934 until 1987. This ban is once again in effect in Haiti.

Did you know? Vodou was Banned in Haiti for 53 years!

On September 5, 1935, the government of President St

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Georges says...

tout nom sa yo wap site a se menm yo menm wi kap mande pou vodou a legal Haiti..

le w di boko ou dil pa vodou.

kibo w jwenn saw di a?

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L Ange Gabriel says...

sa'w explike la yo se pa nan vodou sa yo ye, sa se bagay makandal sanpwel, vlinbinding, kod kout, bokor zobop, bagay sa yo pa gen anyin pou we ak

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Georges says...

avan tou excuse m tout moun. nan preske tout peyi ki pratike sa nou rele voodoo kom religion gen yon seri de regle ke yo respekte, men nou men Haiti nou pa ka di ke voodoo se yon religion.

pou kisa?

1e) tout religion gen yon seri de regle ki etabli, haiti pa gen sa. ebyen voodoo pa religion an

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Camy says...

let me express in creole pls. vodou fini ak peyi d'ayiti net, mwen konnen anpil ki rayi ayiti poutet vye relijyon sal sa a, sistem kowonpi sa a, si sa ta fet vle, monche ayiti nou an ta rale yon gwo souf. so we have to be done with such thing like

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Patrick Princivil says...


fight for your Souls and give it back to God, Satan and the bad angels are

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Patrick says...

I share this testimony over and over, but I am sharing again just to remind people it already and for people who never knew about my

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Patrick Princivil says...

My brothers, my sisters in Christ and my enemies who worship Satan and the bad Angels

read my reply very care fully.

I became seventh day Adventist from Juanuary/13/1985; I got baptized from February/17/1985.

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Tonton Michel says...

What a bunch of fools, you will worship a white god that was used to justify slavery but attack a religion that is different?

The hypocrisy of Christians is amazing.

From the stand point of individual freedom being violated this law is

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Jean Rhau says...

It is just that simple.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

As for Vodou in Haiti, it has been tried and tested for more than 200 years, and it does not work. It pratice Vodou is similar to being insane in a sense.

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Nathanyel says...

What it did for the people?, nothing much they only end up summon demons into their life, and that's why life is in the condition it is rigth now. It's time for everyone to knows the truth that's what will make us free from this evil matrix we are living in

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