FLASH: 10 Haitian Immigrants found Dead in Nicaragua River

Haiti Immigration News - a total of 10 Haitian immigrants died in river in Nicaragua this week. These Haitians immigrants were attempting to leave Brazil and head to the United States and died in the process.

According to news reports these Haitian immigrants were the satisfied life they were living in Brazil, life was tough for them, so they tried to leave for the United States only to die in the process.

21 other Haitian immigrants are in prison in the Nicaragua. They were trying to cross the country illegally from Brazil.

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Richie haitians need freedom just like the cubans let my ppl go
Reply · November 20 at 8:22 PM
Patrick Princivil Po dyab! De tout fason fò réken yo viv tou.
Reply · August 16 at 2:08 PM
Josh Haitians in the United States need to create a global organization to restructure Haiti so they don't have to leave their country and die.
Reply · August 11 at 10:27 AM

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