Father Gerard Jean-Juste Dead at 62

Father Gerard Jean-Juste died in Miami Yesterday, May 27, 2009, after suffering from a stroke... Gerard Jean-Juste was 62...

Father Gerard Jean-Juste - TPS For Haitians

Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste (1947-2009) was the Roman Catholic rector of Saint Claire's church for the poor in Port-au-Prince, Haïti. He was also a liberation theologian and a supporter of the Fanmi Lavalas political party, the largest in Haïti.

In 1978, Father Gerard Jean-Juste founded the Haïtian Refugee Center in Miami, Florida. He has been characterized as a beloved figure among South Florida's Haïtian community

Father Gerard Jean-Juste gained recent renown throughout Haïti and the Haïtian diaspora as a determined opponent of the interim government of Prime Minister Gerard Latortue after the overthrow of the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide by anti-government rebels.

On July 21, 2005, Father Gerard Jean-Juste was arrested by police following his return from a trip to Miami, Florida in connection with the abduction and subsequent murder of journalist Jacques Roche.

In late December, 2005, US medical doctor confirmed a colleague's initial diagnosis that Father Gerard Jean-Juste had cancer. After examining Jean-Juste and analyzing a blood sample he drew from him, prominent Harvard University physician and Aristide supporter Paul Farmer said Father Gerard Jean-Juste has chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He said the disease is not immediately fatal but can develop into a more virulent strain of cancer. Farmer told the Miami Herald: "Father Gerry's in serious trouble if he isn't released from jail for proper work-up in the States."[

Yesterday, May 27, 2009, the spiritual and political leader of the Haitian community in South Florida, Father Gerard Jean-Juste, died after suffering from a stroke. He was 62.

The latest photos we have of Father Gerard Jean-Juste are posted on Haiti Immigration web site where he publicly spoke out in support for TPS for Haitians.

If you knew Father Gerard Jean-Juste personally or if you are a fan, please post your comments on our blog and tell us what he represented in your life.

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Mizeliah says...

My child I'll pray for you so you can put the heart the Lord gives you to good use to empatize with those who are going throu what they are going through.

The decease Father, his family, and the Haitian community deserve better support than your comment.

Don't worry sooner or later you'll be there for all of us have to pass through that

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Mizeliah says...

Pere JJ sete yon bon kompatriyot, li te rimin pe ayisyin ak tout ke-l li aprouve sa anpil fwa. Travay pere J.J. fe nan kominote nou-an m-pa kwe gin moun kap jan-m ka ramplase-l. Se yon gran ped lanmo sa-a ye pou kominote nou-an. Sa ki fe mouin plis apresye pere J.J se amou ke-l te ginyin pou prochin, li pa-t jan-m santi li tro pou frate zepol li ak moun ki pat konn li, moun ki pa konn pale, kelkeswa jan moun nan te ye sot bet edike iletre pere .J.J. respekte tout moun. Se tel Non-m ke te sevi kominote-a ki pat we tet li ak lajan avan pep ayisyin-an. Pere J.J sevi kominote-a ak tout sa BonDieu te ba li, amou, tamperans, Konesans li, umilite, pasyians, enegi, e san magouy ah wi li pat gin okinn magouy li te we e li te toujou pote fado pep la sou do-l. Kwak li mouri Nonm sa-a ki te rele Gerad Jea Juste merite tout repe non selman nan kominote ayisyian-an min tout moun ki te konnin li me-t chapo ba pou pere Jean

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Luko Adjaffi says...


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Damballah La Flambeau says...

St. Augustine Divides the Human Race into two parts: The one consisting of those who live according to man, the other of those who live according to God, Father Gerard jean-juste has fulfilled his earthly Mission and would be missed by all Freedom Fighters around the

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M J says...

Si je suis aux USA c'est grace a l'opportunite de vous don ma mere a pu beneficier.

et je suis un ing.et Prof aux USA. c'est grace vous. je ne serai jamais de vous oubliez malgre votre

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Leroy says...

thank you for all you don 4haiti.you all ready and a bether place.

i well never forget about

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Jean Alix Jean-simon Aka Jean Jean The Undercover says...

father gerard jean juste is a hero for the haitians, specially those in miami, i was very lucky to know this great man, as every other nation a hero always born, the father gerard jean juste is national treasure, we should make sure in the diaspora that happen, i know haitian people is a bunch ungrateful people, they never remember those who stand for them. many of the haitians in past should pray for jean juste and the new one also, because without father jean juste those haitians wouldn't never have a residency in florida.

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