Edner Paul, A Haitian Whiz Kid Heads To MIT

I just found out about Edner Paul, an MIT-bound math whiz kid from Haiti. You should read the article written about him on the Boston Globe recently.

Edner Paul

Boston Globe Headline: "New to the US, he blazed a path, MIT-bound math whiz is latest triumph for O'Bryant"

Edner Paul is a 16-year-old whiz kid from Haiti who mastered the English language within a few months and, according to James Vaznis, staff writer for the Boston Globe, soon after mastering the English language, Edner Paul passed a rigorous admission exam to the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science. (Read the article)

Here is what I read about The John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science from their official website:

"The John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science is a diverse, supportive community of learners that engages in a rigorous and comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program integrated with Humanities. Our college-preparatory exam school enables our students to reach their full potential and become leaders who will shape the direction of society"

Yesterday, Friday June 13, Edner Paul graduated as valedictorian with a full scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"He [Edner Paul] arrived in Boston barely able to speak or write in English, but Edner Paul did not allow that to stand in his way."

There are lots of untold stories like these in Haiti and in the Haitian Diaspora around the world my mission is to find them and share them with you.

Edner, you represent your country well and we are proud of you.

On behalf of all the Haitian Internet readers, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for raising the bar for all future Haitian immigrants coming to this country.

I am Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

Thank you cwpolo for the info

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Yanick De Vastey says...

Edner Paul is not an exception in Haiti.

I have had the opportunity to meet individuals-some from the same family- whose intelligence, from one generation to the other, has impacted famous institutions when given a chance to only step on their premises.

Some are known to me here

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Akir Uyan says...

merhaba ben ingilizce bilmiyorum ama sizinle

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Guy says...

I'M an o.b student as well as Edner Paul was a few months ago. I feel so prouud, due to the fact that i'm an immigrant from the same homeland Edner is from, but i feel bulster and the need to engage myself by learning Edner's story from my new school.

i'm not saying i want to be Edner Paul however i;m fighting to leave my trace, my haitian trace in the Obryant's community, in order lift the dignity of my country and share its hiden riches.

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Michel-ange Estima Or Kernel C says...

bonsoir tout moun ki sou site ticheri non mwen micheal mwen ge yen yon emsyon ki pwal komanse biento sou radio rfm an haiti nan ption-ville

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Sandra says...

>>Way to go Edner.


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Papa says...

Edner paul Good Job.Don't for got to cheer his parents as well as the haitian teacher in haiti with a well job done. To reach that level you need a good parent supervision.When you go to mit kik some but. and reminber it is not only Edner as haitian that live John o'Brien with this pride.

He make headline because of where he is going.

My child friend left John' obrien with a full Scholarship to Umass

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Josiane Gedeon says...

I hope that all childrento the parents of immigrants who are born here in the United States would try to excel to the hieghts of this gentleman.

Children who are born here sometimes forget about the struggles of

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Samentha Desir says...

Hey keep your headup.

And don't let any one tell you otherwise.

And bye the way Congratulation.

GOD Bless, stay strough.

Keep going don't stop until your satisfied.


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Taty says...

Way to go brother! Show them intelligence doesn't have a color or a

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Gardy says...

Woodering, this is not a suprise for me because we have a lot of brains in our country.

They just don't want to admit it. We did a lot of thing but, no

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