Haiti Explorer, Opportunities in Africa

I just got a surprise chat from a friend of mine live in AFRICA. I thought I was the only one enjoying life but apparently he is some where in Africa hanging out with MUFASA!!!

Haiti Cave Entrance Looks like Continent Of Africa

I cannot tell you who he is or exactly what is doing in AFRICA because "li pat banm komisyon pou-m bay" but I can tell you what his last facebook profile reads:

"Hey America. I just got back from visiting the source of the Nile. that's where the Nile and lake Victoria split. I cant explain it you just have to see it. that's the river Moses floated on when he was a baby."

"Why people in the USA are so negative about Africa when this country is so peaceful and beautiful. wish you all could be here."

"Wake up Black people. The mother land is full of opportunities for us. All I see here is: Indians Chinese and other middle east people. Lets not forget the king (white men) getting rich here. America is the greatest country in the world. but for now, our mother land is coming up fast. All you need is a business mind and a few dollars."

I don't know about you but I am tempted to pay a visit to the mother land.

I am not telling you about comments I read in a post card. these are the words of a close friend, a Haitian brother, and a businessman.

If you are on facebook then you probably know who I am talking about, men janm di-w la, patne a pat banm komisyon pou-m bay so... poze...

Have you ever been to AFRICA?

Tell me about your trip.

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Yoly says...

sounds good i have an invitation to visit morocco a friend of mine met a maroc person and she wants to move ther hopefully i'll be more motivated to go

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Thomas Valcin says...

Can we try to fixe our little Africa "HAITI" and be proud to live our life there as well with no fear, please don't get me wrong it "se pa yon expresyon de jalouzi" i am a hard working guy who is happy with what i make, but i would like to experience one day live a good life in my own contry.

a very good friend of Haitian internet newsletter

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Woodring Saint Preux says...

Are you going to Benim for business or pleasure?

Are you an Opportunity seeker like the rest of

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Woodring Saint Preux says...

Suddenly my curiosity is rising for the African continent.

I have heard many things about Africa but the word "Opportunity" was never one of them.

I told my friend to invite me next time, perhaps I will go back to Africa and see for myself

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Marie says...

Woodring, your friend is right.

Everybody is getting rich over there except us. I found out that it doesn't take a lot of money to open a business there.

I went go Ghana last year, I was mesmerized.

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Jean Oriol says...

I never been yet but I'm planning on gong to benin two years from

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