Eating Sweet Potatoes (Patat) can help lower your blood pressure

Haitian Health Tips: Did you know that eating Sweet Potatoes (Patat in Haiti) can help lower your blood pressure?

PHOTO: Haiti - Lo Patat - How sweet potato is sold in street markets

And you thought live in the country side of Haiti was bad! These people eat lots of fruits and vegetables including patat bouyi (boiled sweet potato).

Sweet potatoes is a super-food that can help reduce blood pressure. Sweet potato is rich in Potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that helps your body maintain a stable blood pressure and kidney function.

Some experts suggest eating the sweet potato with the peel (kek ekspè sijere w manje patat la ak tout po). it adds more fiber to the meal.

High blood pressure (BP) can be a problem and it can prevent you from enjoying the simple pleasures life. So learn how to control it with the foods you eat.

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Helene Marie Dutelly says...

I like sweet potatoes with

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Haiti Sante says...

Eske w konnen?

Patat bon pou moun ki fè tansyon.

Lè w manje patat, li ede redwi tansyon w. Patat gen potassium, yon eleman ki kontrekare dega sèl al fè nan system

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