Don't Smoke Your Financial Aid Away?

Did you know that? If you get convicted of a drug-related offence, You will not qualify for financial aid.

Hello My Friend,

It's been a couple of weeks since I sent you any articles. and I'm really sorry about that.

I would love to brag and tell you that is a big company and that we have a big corner office in the downtown business district

I would be lying to you... is a One-Man-Show... and because of that, Sometimes I'm unable to live to my promises

In case you're wondering what I've been doing... Well... I Rebuilt Completely to make it easier for small businesses to advertise on the internet

More on this later...

I have a very important article for you this week

Have you ever been convicted of a...
drug-related charge?

If not, I'm really happy for you but... I have another question...

Have you been lucky enough and...
you never got caught?

If you don't use drugs, this article is not intended to insult you, as a matter of fact it will give you one more reason to NOT try it.

I was listening to the radio yesterday; and I heard that you can be denied Financial Aid if you've ever been convicted of a drug-related offence


if you're out there smoking pot, smoking that joint, hanging around with losers thinking it's cool, I'm here to break the bad news to you.

Here goes...

The federal government passed a law that denies financial aid to college students who have been convicted of drug-related offenses. Now War on Drugs is denying education; it really targets young people, especially those from minority communities and low-income backgrounds.

Well, put it this way... You're the one who don't have money to go to college!

Congress added this provision to the Higher Education Act of 1998.

It requires individuals to report drug-related crimes on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Those convicted of such offenses may be eligible for financial aid.

If you ever get convicted of any of the following... you can kiss your Financial aid goodbye:

  • possession of marijuana
  • using ecstasy
  • cocaine, or...
  • any other drug

Pop Quiz: Whose more likely to get convicted of a drug related charge?

Answer: Most likely, it will be those of you who need the Financial Aid

So here are a couple advice that I would like to leave you with:

  • before you go out there and start puffin away, think about your future
  • If you are a parent and you have teenagers, share this article with them and talk to them about the consequences of their actions
  • If you know anyone who need to read this article, be sure to forward it to them

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