Dominicans often tell me: Tu No Parece Haitiano...

Haitian Sugar Cane Field Worker in the Dominican Republic
When I read about the denationalization process that is taking place in the Dominican Republic, the focus seems to be on color and class... By that I mean BLACK and POOR... Is it me or is this what has been classified as 'being Haitian'? What about the rich light skin Haitians in DR? Will anyone bother them?

Why do I get the impression that Dominicans and the rest of the world have a specific image of "Who is Haitian" in the Dominican Republic?

The "Haitians" that Dominican authorities are talking about are mainly dark skin Haitians who are visibly poor... (Ti neg nwa afe pa bon)

The darker you are, the MORE HAITIAN you look... Eske-m manti?

Everywhere I go they tell me: "Tu No Parece Haitiano..."

If "YO no parece Haitiano" to average Dominican, this must mean that "YO no parece Haitiano" to a Dominican immigration officer neither.

So who exactly "Parece Haitiano" in the Dominican Republic?

Whoever they are, their are the ones who fall victim over and over again to what is clearly "Racial Profiling" in the Dominican Republic.

Am I making any sense to you?

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Dominicano Haitiano Yo I'm Haitian Dominican, My mom is Arab-Hindu Haitian, and my dad is a real Haitian, but light skin, I still have no birth certificate.
Reply · November 08 at 1:19 PM
Tijakzoe Com wi sa se vrè. Si moun gen lapo nwa. L'a gen anpil traka avè limigwasyon. Yes that is true. If a person has dark skin. She/he will have... see more
Reply · November 03 at 7:56 AM
Patrick Gaspard It's partly a stereotype. There is a majority of light skinned people in RD while the majority of Haitian immigrants are dark skinned and poor. If... see more
Reply · October 31 at 5:06 PM
Josy I went to Altagracia in DR, and travelled with a group of church members. from NY I went to get my hair done at the hotel's beauty parlor, and a... see more
Reply · October 30 at 7:26 PM
Wilner Pierre that's a lot sense. you are totally right. i have dark skin, but i don't have nappy hair.
Reply · October 30 at 7:23 PM
Lw All I can do is shake my head at all this. I can't believe it's going on, right next to the country. Yes, and why is being dark associated with... see more
Reply · October 30 at 5:59 PM

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