Dominican Republic is making a fortune on Haitian diaspora tourists

Haitian Americans who cannot go to Haiti for their vacation are choosing the next best location in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic.

Young Haitian American diaspora enjoying her vacation in Boca chica Dominican Republic instead of the northern beaches of Haiti

These days it is more than just bad politics in Haiti that is benefiting the Dominican Republic. Add to that insecurity and gang violence that literally separates the Haitian capital from from the southern departments of the country.

DR is becoming a hot spot for Haitian diaspora tourists simply because, with all of the problems and insecurity in Haiti, they cannot or will not go vacation there.

One advantage of the Haitian diaspora to spend a week vacationing in the Dominican Republic is because friends and family can actually cross the border on a visa and come spend time with them on the other side of Hispaniola.

And there are plenty of Haitian merchants on the beaches of Boca chica, for example, to make a Haitian Diaspora vacationer to feel right at home.

All of this, of course, means revenues that Haiti his losing from its own people living outside of the country in terms of tourism revenues.

Try explaining that to the people in power and the opposition leaders who want nothing more than a power grab.

Nobody seems to be thinking for Haiti on the long term.

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Eunice Tassone says...

The Haitian Political scene or lack there of is the cause of what is going on in Haiti.

The elected officials do absolutely nothing but collect a pay check.

The Haitian people are wising up and protesting the lack of representation.

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Jcyogi says...

Sad but true :-(
I believe that one should forgive and move on, I have a hard time with the oppressed going back willingly to the oppressor.

Some people think its cooler to spend your money in some Dominican resort rather than supporting up and coming Haitian tourist

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Stanley Rodriguez says...

Se paske politisyen Ayiti yo se yon ban n enbesil, idio ke yo ye. Kelke swa se voras opozisyon an ou byen volè ki sou pouvwa a yo tout responsab.

Pou sa Dominiken fe nou pase, poukisa nou pa institue yon klima de sekirite general, konsa na komanse atire deviz ak lajan nap pedu o profit de Dominiken yo. Ban n

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Maudeline says...

Se pa kite nap kite opozision pran kontwol la vi nou, peyi nou, nap konn joj, fe tenten pou anpéché Ayisien ak lot moun vinn vizité péyil na konprann ké siw paka tété manman, grann toujou la bra louvri poul kitew tétél

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Haiti Tourisme says...

La mauvaise politique en Haïti profite beaucoup à la République dominicaine.

Les jeunes haïtiens américains qui ne peuvent pas aller en Haïti pour leurs vacances choisissent le prochain meilleur endroit dans les Caraïbes: la République dominicaine.

La RD devient un point chaud pour les touristes de la diaspora haïtienne simplement parce que, avec tous les problèmes et l'insécurité en Haïti, ils ne peuvent pas ou ne veulent pas y aller en vacances.

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