De Ran Dlo... De Ran Larim...

I have a vivid image in my mind that keeps haunting me,

I was in a car in Haiti driving down from Laboule, I was with a few people in the car and we were laughing and having a good time.

As I drove through one of the streets of PetionVille, I saw a little kid sitting on the sidewalk crying.

"De Ran Dlo, De Ran Larim" as they say in Haitian Creole.

I looked at him about 3 times but the car kept on moving, I wasn't the one driving.

It wasn't until about ten minutes later, when the jokes stopped, that I realized... Every single time I looked at this kid, he looked at me dead in the eye and he opened both his arms.

It was a sign of distress and I didn't even notice.

Haiti is sitting there... like this little kid... "De Ran Dlo De Ran Larim"...

If all you do is drive by, if all you do is laugh while her arms are wide open, you are making the same mistake I made.

Sometimes I wonder...

What if I stopped the car?

What if I asked him what was wrong?

If he was hungry, it wouldn't cost me more than a few dollars to feed him that day.

his pain would have gone away...

even if just for that day...

I had over $1,000 with me that day...

I was looking right at him...
but I didn't see him!

I may never see this kid again but I cannot get rid of that picture. He opened his arms and he asked me for help, I was looking right at him but I didn't see him.

I am not a bad guy but I made a mistake that day!

"De Ran Dlo, De Ran Larim" as they say in Haitian Creole.

Haiti is sitting there... like this little kid... "De Ran Dlo De Ran Larim"...

We the people of the Republic of Haiti... we have to stop looking at Haiti...

We need to see her...

We need to put our arms around her... ask her what is wrong!

Ayiti se manmam pitit, pitit li you ap soufri.

ki sa nou pral fè pou li?

Li voye nou deyo pou nou ale chache lavi...

Li lè pou nou retounen pou nou bay sa nou jwen-n

"De Ran Dlo, De Ran Larim"... Mezan mi, Fòk sa sispan-n

Woodring Saint Preux

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