Crackdown on bad Haitian Orphanages, a Good Start

Haitian police raid an orphanage in Carrefour Haiti... The orphans were hungry while donated goods were being sold...

The Son Of God orphanage in Carrefour has been shut down...

The director was accused by U.S. missionaries of not feeding children, the Boston Globe says, and selling donated goods.

46 children who lived there were loaded into a UNICEF bus and taken to new homes. Police also took the daughter of the orphanage's founder in for questioning.

On a side note...

Poverty is big business in Haiti.

There are many people, foreign and domestic, who are begging on behalf of the poor Haitian people. The Haitian Institute of Social Welfare (Bien etre Social) need to put an end to is permanently.

This is a good start...

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Megan Noel says...

The organization I went with worked with the son of god orphanage and not only did they sell the goods that people were sending them, but they were selling the children to human traffickers as well. The orphanage started with about 160+ children and only had about 30 when it was shut down. What I want to know is where are those 130 children that just disappeared?

They are the ones that very well may be in worse conditions than they were in that disgusting

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Paulina Mathis says...

It hurts and breaks my heart to see a child suffer in this manner.

I woulds like to send him food and clothes and shoes and funds for medical treatment.

I have no idea who he is, but he does not deserve this at

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