Haiti New prime minister sworn in

Haiti's new Prime Minister Garry Conille was sworn into office Tuesday along with 16 cabinet ministers.

Haiti's new government is officially in office.

Five months... Man...

Is it me or is our constitution designed to waste time?

Question: Now that Haiti finally has a government, what are you hoping will happen?

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Bernadette says...

I understand you want things to move fast and efficient very badly.

So do I. But the difference is that I have to stay objective.

I don't want to be disappointed a few months down the line. I observe instead of reacting to everything.No, I don't want an army of my own because I am not a crook nor a murderer.

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Wilky says...

as long as they are doing goodjob let them stay forever so what in seven months 700.000 kids go to school for free free. so why don't you go have your army too so you can stay forever.

how many kids before Martelly-Gary went to school with a free transportation there are alot they will do just shaaa

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Bernadette says...

Good, let us hope we can start a new chapter.

Nonetheless, I have to go on record stating that we have lost 4 months for seemingly nothing.

Gousse and Rouzier were not less qualified for the job than Conille.

For whatever reason(s) Conille was chosen.

It remains to be seen whether or not this new Prime Minister has the necessary skills required to help moving this Nation

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Jameson says...

I'm glad we have a government in place now let see how long this one will last. With this military on rout they trying to stay in power

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Jacques L. says...

The US process is not that different.

They're just more organized about.

For example, elections are done in November, Inauguration in January.

VP comes with the President DURING the election process.

Secretary of State and major cabinets are vetted and chosen between elections and Inauguration.

Unfortunately, nou toujou

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