Hip-Hop Star COMMON in Haiti to Shoot Music Video

American hip-hop artist and actor COMMON in in Haiti to shoot a music video for his song "Sweet." Here is a photo of Common walking the streets of Haiti...

Together with director Phillipe Scaglietti and photographer Steven Taylor, Common ventured all the way to Haiti to capture the music video," complex.com says

Common tweets:

"I'm loving the People of Haiti!"

"The strength of the people of Haiti are truly inspirational!!"

Steven Taylor tweets:

"Truly unforgettable time out here!"

"Sweet" will be the second single from Common's new album, The Dreamer, The Believer due out late November.

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Katypier says...

whooo whoop you go common, im glad he sees the beauty of haitians unlike on the news when they portray us like animals and are always quick to report something bad. I might just have to get his

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Jwag says...

This is good for him and the country to get some possitive esposure and some finacial support.

Hopefully this will bring more artist and tourist to

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