Carlo Claudin, His Link to Nemours Jean Baptiste

I got in my car today and tuned to Radio Mega (AM1020, Miami) I got a chance to listen to a rare interview.

The person being interviewed was Carlo Claudin.

If you are my age, you probably have no idea who Carlo Claudin is.

Carlo Claudin is a singer who performed with Nemours Jean Baptiste, the god father of Compas Direct.

Plaisir Ambiance, the host, not only asked him some key questions but also played some music that my father would appreciate.

One topic that was discussed was a soccer match between Nemours Jean Baptiste and Webert Sicot at the â€"Stade Sylvio Cator” I believe on April 8, 1964.

This famous soccer match between Nemours and Sicot happened way before I was born but I am sure some of you may have lived it.

I overheard on the radio show that this match is available on DVD…

Shocking isn’t it?

I am too young to know anything about this era in Haitian culture but I have a feeling that it was truly a wonderful time in Haiti.

If you recall anything form that era or that famous soccer match between webert sicot and Nemours Jean Baptiste perhaps you can share it with us young folks.

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