Update - List Your Haitian Events for FREE!

Have you seen lately? You can list all your Haitian events free and find out about all the Haitian events happening in Haiti and in the Haitian diaspora. Guess what... If your Haitian event is not listed on Belfet... Then It is NOT a party... Because Belfet is the #1 place online that Haitians go to find out what event are taking place in the Haitian community.

We are updating right now, posting Haitian events is very easy and very soon it will be even easier.

We are working on a new feature that will AUTOMATICALLY fill in the address, city, and state of the venue were your event is taking place.

It's not fully operational yet but you can surely test it.

Try the Beta version here.

Really... All you have to do is enter the venue and it will automatically look up the address for you.

That will save you time in posting Haitian events online... Well... At least if you post your events on

Also, the front page has been updated...

Check it out by visiting

If you have any comments you think will help us in the update, please let us know so we can implement it in the update

Got Haitian Events?

Post it for FREE on

Remember... There is nothing better than hanging out with your Haitian people.

See you at the next Haitian party!

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Smith Cassamjor says...

dimanche 20 may remo3 ap vine jwe nan st doming toute fanatik smith cassamanor mw invite nou toute vine gade remo 3 se nan capital la

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