Depute Arnel Belizaire Gets a TWO-DAY visa to the United States

Have you ever heard of a TWO-DAY VISA to the United States? Well... That's exactly what Haitian Congressman (Depute) Arnel Belizaire got... a Visa valid for two days (48 hours) to travel to the United States...

Arnel Belizaire TWO-Day visa to the United States
Arnel Belizaire TWO-Day visa to the United States

Big Surprise... Depute Arnel Belizaire himself posted a photo of his prized possession on his Facebook page with the following text:

Arnel Belizaire: "Men sa blan an vle fe ak diplomat peyi nou poul ka moutre lemonde li respekte konvansyon li siyen yo e li pa gen pwoblem ak mwen vre"

Mezanmi, I cannot begin to tell you the number of comments posted on the social media network about this... One thing I can tell you is... Some of them were not very pleasant...

Here is something else that is funny about this...

The visa, issued May 29 2013, Expiration date: May 31 2013 specifically says "TO ATTEND The HAITI LIVES ON Commemorative Benefit in New Jersey"

Guess what?

The HAITI LIVES ON Commemorative Benefit is happening on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 7PM, the day his visa is set to expire...

So... Unless Depute Belizaire has private jet waiting for him at Newark Liberty International Airport, by 12:01 am Friday night, he will be overstaying his welcome in the United States...

Mesye... Ala de koze papa...

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Jean Francois says...

He should never take it give bill clinton 24 hour leave

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Wigan says...

tande mezanmi le jan de bagay sa yo pase fok neg dirijan yo konprann ke tout otan se tenten kap fet nan paleman an nou pa janm genyen konkre.

se toujou komisyon sou komisyon kap travay apre sa anyen pa soti.

Epi tan ap pase, ane ap pase, yo pap janm genyen nou respek.

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Oxceva says...

Aaaaa, se pa yon action ki difficile pou konprann.

Se jis yon action politic.

depute; ou pat bezwen fè tout bri sa yo. Ou te sipoze jis pa bay sa importance, epi yo patap

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David Grant says...

It is clear that the American Government does not want Me Arnel Belizaire on their soil.
Probaly, Mr Belizaire have had issues with the Anerican government.

If I may recall, he was made persona non grata by the americans before he became a congressmn.

We, haitian people, should be much more selective on whom we elect in our

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Raynald Delerme says...

I am sorry but I disagree with you. The Consulate is not doing anything particular or personal.

The visa was granted with no prejudice from what I see on the picture that the Congressman posted.

There was nothing out of order.

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Manny says...

Don't believe it, it's just a game!
Be prepared for the next level!

Se yon jouet kap

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John says...

Sa nap pale konsa USA fe elektion yo mete Arnel Belizaire kom depute nan mwa ki sot pase la Nan figi USA gade sa Arnel fe nan chanb la li kraze ofis ke li pa konn pri yo epi li panse patron-l pral ba-l viza konsa?

Apre sa-l finn fe la li pata sipoze al mande viza, si-l te konnen l-ap bezouin viza li pat pou fe sa a

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Damebochie says...

Raynald Delerme, You made a good point, but let us not forget that we are not dealing with a standard citizen here. We're talking about the congressman of a country.

I definitely think it is a slap in its face. And I mean it by "its face and not Haiti's." If anything the consulate is telling us to stop putting low lives like him in the parliament.

As for sensationalizing the story, I think the Deputy is not innocent on the matter.

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Johm says...

Ki le nap konprann.

Nap prye pou nou. Bann

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Damebochie says...

Mwen tèlman ri mwen manke pipi sou mwen. Baptiste Willy ou byen di. Respekte tèt ou pou yo respekte w.

D'ailleurs si vous aviez une quelconque valeur aux yeux des officiels Américains vous n'aurez pas besoin d'un visa pour visiter leur pays. Je suis sûr que les officiels Américains n'ont besoin d'aucun visa pour fouler le sol Haitien.

Eh dit! Vous avez probablement signé une loi pour leur accorder ce privilège Député Belizaire.

Bande de

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