Animal Rights In Haiti? Is There Such A Thing?

Look at this picture... Hinche, Haiti - A horse with a broken leg abandoned... Left on the side of the road, in pain, with a piece of wood tied to its broken leg, bleeding, with very little food to eat.

Horse in Haiti with Broken Leg

I doubt if there are veterinarians in Haiti to treat a broken let on a horse. Honestly, I have never even seen signs for vets in my hometown.

Bet la deja gen yon gwo maleng sou do li, epi yon pran li, mennen li nan bouk, fe li pote chay jouk pye li kase.

I asked around in the street corner where I saw the horse with the broken leg, someone told me the animal tripped while crossing a water canal nearby.

So its owner, a poor peasant from the countryside of Haiti, did the very best he/she could under the circumstances...


I never felt sorry for a horse before. But it is clear to me that this animal is in pain...

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Wilner Pierre says...

we haitians are late in many things.

we need to start thinking how we can the way we're living in a positive way not in words, but in

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Marijke Zaalberg says...

The way many Haïtians treat animals is terrible.

I like that there shall be a changing.

I live in Kenscoff when you see the goats hanging on the site of the trucks, on the top of the taptaps it is terrible.

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Vilfrance says...

lè na mouri na jwen yon

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Carmille Joseph says...

mwen tris anpil pou we imaj sa vre yo pa respekte dwa bet yo nan peyi a men gen sevis veterine kanmenm.

pito nou di pa yo pa aplike lwa sou byenet animal nan peyi. yon medsen veterine kapab tout li kapab le li konnen sa k pase e selman le li gen yon ti mwayen.

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Oxceva says...

Zanmi pa'm nan: Nan peyi dayiti, menm kretyen vivan pagen asistans medikal, e animal yo ato?

Yon peyi pagen sekirite sosyal pou humain, e animal yo?

Kesyon map poze tet mwen: Kilè ap gen sekirite pou lavi moun, bet ak pye

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