Photo Stories

Haiti: Yon camion ki ekri an anglais "We Help People", Haitien tou poste revandication yo sou li LOL...

Coincidences - A Truck labeled 'We Help People' has Haitian Creole demands all over it Mezanmi, Tande ak wè se 2... Gade yon camion en Haiti ki ekri an anglais "We Help People" (nou ede moun) epi Haitien yo komanse ekri tout revandikasyon yo sou li... Nou bezwen Kouran... LOL... more »

Gade kisa yon Kawotchouman fe Machinn mwen an Haiti LOL...

Resilta Reparation Kawotchou Haiti nan men Kawotchouman san Zouti... Ou gen dwa ap gade photo ki nan paj saa epi ou mande tèt ou: Kisa sa ye? Banm rakonte-w istwa a byen pou-w ka konprann foto a... LOL... Mwen pran yon pann kawotchou Haiti, mwen pote li bay yon kawotchouman pou repare li pou mwen... Sezisman Total Kapital... more »

WOW... I wish this was the new Haiti Route Nationale No. 8, Etang Saumatre, Malpasse...

Voici la route la plus chère de France Look at this picture... The first thing that came to my mind was: "Wow... is this the new Haiti Route Nationale # 8 that will connect Croix-des-Bouquets, going over Etang Saumâtre and terminate at the Malpasse border crossing with the Dominican Republic?" more »

Avocados - The Haiti ZABOKA Experiment

Putting Avocados in a bucket of water will stop the ripening process? QUESTION: Si-w mete yon zaboka chita nan yon bokit dlo ou panse sa ka apeshe li mi tro vit? LOL... (If you place an avocado in a bucket of water will that stop the ripening process?) more »

Depute Arnel Belizaire Gets a TWO-DAY visa to the United States

Arnel Belizaire TWO-Day visa to the United States Have you ever heard of a TWO-DAY VISA to the United States? Well... That's exactly what Haitian Congressman (Depute) Arnel Belizaire got... a Visa valid for two days (48 hours) to travel to the United States... more »

New York Times Unpublishes Haiti Restavec Photos after finding Photojournalist lied about photo subjects

Restavek in Haiti, the Vlad Sokhin photographs The New York Times has unpublished a post showcasing photographs of Haitian child servants. Apparently, photojournalist Vlad Sokhin lied about the people in this photos, one of whom he paid $100 a day to be his driver, according to the editor's note... more »

Manual Labor - The Hardest Working Men in Haiti

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living Everyday, Hundreds of thousands of Haitian men let go of their pride to put food on the table... This is one of them... Carrying rice bags on the back of his neck all day long. He is one of the hardest working men in Haiti. more »

Animal Rights In Haiti? Is There Such A Thing?

Horse in Haiti with Broken Leg Look at this picture... Hinche, Haiti - A horse with a broken leg abandoned... Left on the side of the road, in pain, with a piece of wood tied to its broken leg, bleeding, with very little food to eat. more »