A Haitian Restaurant REVIEW every Haitian Restaurant Owner MUST Read

READ THIS... A customer reviewed a Haitian Restaurant like this: "The griot is super good, the service is bad though, the lady in the front is rude..." How many Haitian restaurants do you know deserves the same kind of review?

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips
Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips

KREYOL: Tande sa... Yon nèg ki ale nan yon restaurant Haitien, li di: "Manje a bon anpil men fanm ki sou contoir devan an mal elve anpil tou." Konbyen fwa sa rive w nan yon restaurant Haitien? moun k ap sèvi w la dan du... Anraje, menm mete l sou contoir la, si-w vle-l w'a pran l... ki experience ou nan zafè sès nan restaurant Haitien bò lakay ou a? Kite yon mesaj...

How many times have you been to a Haitian restaurant, you love the food but the the lady in the front always forget to smile?

List it on PAJLA.com, the Haitian Yellow Pages

Many Haitian businesses forget to great the customer, Dan moun nan sere tankou se anmerde ou vinn amnerde li...

Anraje, menm mete l sou contoir la, si-w vle-l w'a pran l...

Question: What's your experience with the Haitian restaurant in your neighborhood? Is the lady in the front nice to you oris she rude?

What do you think about that?

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Laissez-faire says...

Unfortunately too many

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Marie Jean says...

true that Haitian businesses lack service.

however, we patronage Asian American businesses where rudeness is part of a lot of their services yet we continue to support them daily.

I am not giving Haitian businesses a pass. What I am saying is that we need to continue the dialogue but not stop doing business with them. We can continue to ask for change but we need to count as Haitians in the states.

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Riche Zamor says...

There is a major difference between "restaurant" and "bwat manje".

Haitian businesses lack customer service skills do to the fact that many of them have a business because someone put up the money for them to have it.

They simply have to show up and look somewhat pretty, and someone else does the work.

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Patrick Princivil says...

O O! Pa palé bagay sa a menm ! Menmsi sé pa tout.

Épi li toujou bon lè nou fè pwòp manjé nou ak men pa nou pou nou manjé.

Manbo yo oswa bòkò yo, sanpwèl yo ak masonlòj yo gen ka ap véyé nou pou yo tiyé nou épi nou pa menm konnen; yo ka byen péyé chèf réstauran sa yo anba tab épi yo glisé chèf réstauran pwazon pou tiyé nou, si yo pa gen Jézi kisa yo pap fè?

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John Hines says...

for rudeness try

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Cozy Michaels says...

As a white american who was partly brought up by a haitian woman I visit many haitian restaurants both here and in Haiti.

I have found that in Florida there are many good restaurants however in many of them they are rude and arrogant and act as though they are doing you a favor.

I get very angry when I see this as I love the Haitian people so much. yet there are quite a few restaurants that treat you very nice and make you feel at home three of them in particular are very nice they are Deluxe restaurant in north Lauderdale Bistro Creole in North lauderdale and Alberts in Ft Lauderdale.

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Bwa Sanfey says...

A lot of them. They think they are doing you a favor.

Haitians don' t know how to do business.

I refuse to patronize

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Guerline says...

Why now?

Isn't it too late for that! No matter what you do, the Haitians hostesses will be spectacularly rude.
It's very very bad for business...

God help us

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