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Haitians Food : Poulet Creole is becoming more of a delicacy these days, it is so expensive!

Haitian Chicken aka Poulet Creole, Poul Peyi, Poul Di Haitians simply love "Poule Peyi," the native Haitian chicken, but it seems to me like that Poulet Creole is becoming more and more expensive in the marketplace these days... Read this... more »

A Haitian Restaurant REVIEW every Haitian Restaurant Owner MUST Read

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips READ THIS... A customer reviewed a Haitian Restaurant like this: "The griot is super good, the service is bad though, the lady in the front is rude..." How many Haitian restaurants do you know deserves the same kind of review? more »

Arcade Fire Opening Haitian Restaurant in Montreal

PHOTO: Arcade Fire Live in Haiti How many times do you read news on Rolling Stones Magazine about the opening of a Haitian Restaurant? Imagine my surprise... Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire is opening a Haitian Restaurant this summer called AGRIKOL... more »

75 Goud Chien Janbe - Mayi Kole a Pwa, Sos Viann, Bon Bagay...

Chien Janbe - Street Food in Haiti - Mayi Moulin Kole Ak Pwa Talè a, mwen gen yon grangou la-a... Pou 75 goud pitit, mwen manje vant plen... ni mwen, ni kouzen-m nan ki ashte chien janbé-a... more »