Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips

Doing Business in Haiti - Business Tips

Read a collections of related articles about doing business in Haiti. Share some small business tips with Haitians business men and women here...

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Read this... Following the February 07, 2019, protests that put Haiti on LOCK for more 10 days, a factory employing more than ten thousand (10,000) workers in Caracol has begun its withdrawal process in Haiti.

Read: A factory employing more than 10,000 workers begins its process of withdrawal from Haiti

Some Haitian night club owners are complaining about a slow down in business recently. The nightlife has not really resumed in Haiti's Capital Port-au-Prince since the recent violent street protests.

Read: The Nightlife in Haiti's Capital has not really resumed since the recent protests

A few weeks after loosing millions of dollars in his Delimart supermarket chains vandalized and set on fire during a violent protest weekend in Haiti, businessman Reginald Boulos says he is not giving up. HBoulos comes up with a plan to reopen all his Delimart stores within 24 months.

Read: Haiti Business - Reginald Boulos wants to reopen his Delimart Supermarkets within 24 months

How many times you hear a hard working Haitian from the diaspora complaining about a business he/she had in Haiti that failed because the family member in charge did such a poor job as a manager? Read this...

Read: Business Talk : Diaspora Haitians complain family members mismanage their business back home

I speak to many businessmen in Haiti and they tell me NEVER leave a family member to run your business... others say they dont trust anyone but family. What do you say?

Read: Doing Business in Haiti - Do you Trust Family, Friends or Strangers to Run your Business?

People who do business are in it to make money and do not concern about the plight of the consumers. What they fail to realize is that the more...

Read: People who do business are in it to make money, but they fail to realize something

Eske Trump kreye job ici? moin di non se secteur prive ki bay job epi ankor se mounn ki pou vinn kreye job haiti. So yo peur vinn haiti paske mounn...

Read: Investisè pa vle vinn investi milion en Haiti apre pou moun vin brule l nan Manifestation

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