10 Facts About Hunger In Haiti - Read This...

The World Food Programme (WFP) recently released a list of 10 facts about Hunger in Haiti... Sad but true, these 10 facts are real and threaten the live of many if nothing is done about it...

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon bèl plat Diri Sòs Pwa ak Vyann bò Latibonit, 50 Goud

KREYOL: Men Kèk rezon ki fè gen GRANGOU en Haiti konsa... dapre organization Programme Alimentaire Mondial, Haiti pa gen travay, anpil moun nan yon misère noir, sak ap tragay yo pa bien touche, tout kob la rete nan men sa ki pi rich yo... Zafè agrikilti a menm se yon katastròf, pa gen awozaj, plantè yo se ak zong yo plante epi se lè lapli tonbe yo plante, sa ki koz pifò sa moun manje nan peyi a se produits importe.. Kisa ou panse de sa???

In these 10 facts about hunger in Haiti, WFP mentioned the fact that more than 2 million Haitians live in extreme poverty, jobs don't pay a decent wage and the fact that nearly three quarters of Haiti's income remain in the hands of the top 10 richest Haitians.

Other key points that adds to hunger in Haiti is the fact that agriculture, in a country that is said to be mainly an agriculture driven country, is done in a VERY primitive way, it's more like subsistence farming, there is almost NO irrigation farming going on, peasants farmers armed with primitive hand tools keep waiting for the rainfall to plant their crops, this, of course,leads to not enough food being produced. That means food has to be imported into Haiti...

Do you see where we're going with this???

What do you think about that?

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Genevieve says...

Why are you angry, they didn't say anything wrong for you to get mad, that's exactly what going on in Haiti it's the fact they said it's as is

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Si says...

For how long WFP is in Haiti?

what is the WFP mission?

Any accomplishment in that field?

in case it's null and insignificant should we get rid of those idiots?

Are they simply there to criticize the living condition of the

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