PHOTO : Haiti Caricature : Trump says No more American Dream for young Haitians

PHOTO : Haiti Caricature : Trump says No more American Dream for young Haitians

Look at this photo... A Haiti caricature published on Le Nouvelliste show a young Haitian dreaming of all the destinations he wants to escape to and US President Donald Trump cuts off his American Dream...

"No more American Dream" for this young Haitian who continues to dream about Taiwan, Brezil, Canada, St-Domingue...

What do you think about that?

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Jerome On Twitter says...

We need to think in our potential and our capacities to build a strong nation in order to rescue our importance in the world

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Jean Joseph says...

So what! Believe Haitians people the time is to go back home and united for the futur of our country.

yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!
Alone we are weak together we are

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Simpson St Fort says...

Unless you respect yourself nobody is going to respect you. How many Cubans and North Koreans do they send back home?

They're making a killing on selling visa applications to your poor people; Do they need a visa to come to your country?

Unless you grow respectable leaders who love, respect and is willing to die for Haiti, the foreigners will always treat Haiti like a roll of toilet

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